_tkp1975-copyAngel Nikolov, Chairman


Angel Nikolov is the Chairman of the BAEPS Executive Board and one of the founders and most active members of the Association. As an enterpreneur he has vast experience in the fields of IT, funding of enterprises by shareholding, renewable energy, transportation, urban mobility and startups. He is one of the founders of Bulventures, Melon, Island Renewable Energy and several ICT startups.


aaeaaqaaaaaaaaezaaaajdgzngzizwy3ltgzytetndc0zs1hngqyltg4mmywyzllnmjlygMartin Zaimov, Deputy Chairman


Martin is an EV user and has been advocate for electric mobility since 2010. He believes that the present model of the world developement is unsustainable and potentially fatal for the people. We need radical changes in the big world industries, consumers behaviour, urban planning and the addiction to the constant growth and indebtness. Electric mobility is a rational and viable cause. Its success would demonstrate a possibility for radical change in one of the biggest industries and would contribute for cleaner air in the cities, lower levels of noise, agression and greenhouse gases.


297c4f4Iva Toncheva, PR & Communications


Iva has studied Journalism in Sofia University and has a long practice in Bulgarian Telegraf Agency and BBC – Bulgaria. Since 2009 Iva has been working as PR and Communications expert on projects in the field of sustainable developement, nature protection, justice reform, social inclusion. Since the summer of 2015 she has been a part of the BAEPS team and she is responsible for the PR and Communication. Iva has been member of the Association’s Executive Board since June 2016.


unspecified-smallKamen Vasilev


Kamen Vasilev has a longtime experience working on projects for environment recultivation, infrastructure buidling, building, real estate management and corporate banking. He had working in Unicorn Med (Aururbis Bulgaria), Electron Progress, Montecanal Bulgaria and Societe Generale Expressbank. He is presently working in the consultancy and management of innovative projects for corporate clients in the field of clean energy and electric mobility. Kamen Vasilev is a member of BAESP Executive Board and an active participant in theirs activities.


02fcb0b-copyIvo Tzachev


Ivo has a longtime experience in the field of renewable energy projects. He has completed his univeristy degree in Germany, where he has worked on different engeneering projects for the automotive industry. Presently he is a managing partner in an engeneering company planning projects for PV and wind power on global level. Since 2005 he has had an interest in the field of EVs and the building of infrastructure for EVs. After 2008 he succeeded to attract the interest of companies as RWE, E-On and Siemens to this sector in Bulgaria. Ivo is one of the founders of BAEPS and has been a member of the Executive Board since its beginning.


13a0904-copyMartin Hadzhistoikov


Martin is a happy creator of Bulgarian EV websites, a passionate enthusiast and an active user of EVs. He is the person behind Elektromobili.bg – an informational platform for e-mobility; CaramEL – a platfrom for EV advertisements and user reviews; eCars.bg – a blog, dedicated to EVs. Presently Martin is developing his fourth online project, inspired by EVs – a map of the charging stations in Bulgaria, in favour of all EV users. Martin kas been a member of the BAEPS Executive Board since 2014.


dscf2256-copyHrabrin Ivanchev

Hrabrin Ivanchev is born on October the 5th, 1973. Married, with two children. In 1997 he graduated International Economic Relations in University of World and National Economics. From 1997 to 2001 he worked in the financial sector as a Bulgarian Stock Exchange broker. Since 2001 he has been an Executive Director of KIA Motors Bulgaria, Subaru Motors, BLLeasing, Eurorentals (Europecar Bulgaria). He has been a member of the BAEPS Executive Board since June 2016.



Organizational Coordinator

sashe041_ah-smallAlexandra Georgieva


Alexandra is interested in projects, activities and volunteering in the fields of environmental protection, improving of urban environment, sustainable development, remodelling of peoples habits and behaviour towards harmonic coexistence with the nature. She has worked on projects and programmes regarding climate changes, ecological education, local eco-initiatives, corporate social responsibility, sustainable tourism and transport, etc. She has cooperated with Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation, Bikeevolution, Tree of the Year national contest. She started working with BAEPS in August 2016.