Good news for electric vehicles!

Good news for electric vehicles! That is all that could be said after the end of the round table with the same name which took place on the 23th of February 2017 in Sofia. The event, organized by BAEPS and the National Trust Ecofund (NTE), gathered around 50 participants from BAEPS, NTE, EMIC, several ministries, municipalities, NGO, business and media.

80 charging stations are planned to be built in Sofia in the next 2 years, became clear during the discussions. The location of the charging points is defined after a consultation with the e-cars owners – more than 130 – of e-mobiles in the city.

The new NTE funding scheme for EVs purchise was represented. The programme started on 20th of February and is being opened until 20th of April 2017. This year the scheme allows the purchise of  three additional EVs classes – L7e, M2 and N2. Last year the funding was limited only for M1 and N1.

50% is the annnual e-mobiles growth in Bulgaria in th last years. More than 800 EVs are registered in the country until the end of 2016, said the BAEPS President Angel Nikolov.

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